Guide to LED Landscape Lighting

LED Landscape Lighting

Nowadays, there are many different options when it comes to choosing lighting bulbs for your outdoor space. However, there’s an alternative that’s clearly better than others, and you’ll learn all about LED Landscape lighting in this article. LEDs have revolutionized the world, and they could be much more convenient, so read on and don’t miss anything.

Why You Should Use LED Lights

Your artificial lights come alive when the sun goes down. Although you’ll find many options, LED lights are the best alternative because of different reasons.

They’re Energy-efficient

Unlike traditional halogen bulbs, LEDs emit light in one direction only. Therefore, they focus the energy where you need it and don’t waste it.

Compared to other alternatives, LED landscape lights are energy-efficient. Halogen-based options consume much more energy, which could result in a higher electrical bill at the end of the month.

You Could Save Money

If you’ve only used traditional lights so far, you might not know how much you can save if you switch to LED Solar Lights. The truth is that your electrical bill could go down from $100 to $20 or less when making the right changes.

Since LED lights use energy more efficiently, relying on them as much as you can will result in being able to save a lot of money. Therefore, although you’ll have to spend when getting new bulbs, it’ll be worth it in the long run. Not only will this upgrade bring you cost savings, but landscaping can increase your home’s value overall.

They’re Safe

Many people focus on the monetary and aesthetic benefits of using LED landscape lighting, but they can help with much more than just that.

These LED bulbs convert most of the energy into light and only five percent of it becomes heat. Consequently, they’re cool to touch and help reduce the risk of fire hazards. As they run at a lower temperature, way less energy is being used, giving you up to 90% less energy than traditional bulbs, which can lead to lower electricity bills and a reduced carbon footprint.

LED Lights Have a Long Lifespan

Other lighting technologies are not as effective as LED lights regarding how long the bulbs last.

LED lighting can last up to 10 times what traditional options do. Therefore, you won’t have to change them as much, so you’ll save time, money, and energy in getting new bulbs.

They’re High-quality

Your decks and hallways can look much more beautiful if you incorporate LED bulbs because they provide a superior quality, at a lower cost when compared to traditional lighting alternatives.

LED bulbs give you beautiful colours and different adjustable features, so your surroundings will be more appealing.

Environmental Benefits

If you’re worried about the environment, stop using traditional bulbs and get LED lights. They’re much more convenient. Especially around your landscaping, where you can run wires, you can think about using LEDs for hardscape light.

Hardscape LED Lighting

Traditional lighting options have different toxic elements, for example, mercury. It’s not the case with LEDs. Plus, the latter option doesn’t require specific recycling procedures. Therefore, landscaping contractors and homeowner’s can reuse these type of lights without much of a hassle.

You Can Adjust the Optics

Modern LED bulbs give you many different adjustable features, which makes them convenient if you want to be able to change them depending on the style of your surroundings.

In some cases, you might want to play around with your lights based on the ambiance you want to create. LED bulbs are also a fantastic way to do that!

Overall, when you get LED bulbs, you can dim them, adjust the beam angle, and even change their colours. You get numerous options, so it’s a matter of choosing the one you like the most for your space.

LED Lights Have an Enhanced Durability

In comparison to traditional alternatives, a LED light fixture is much more durable because they don’t use neon gas or filaments and they’re also not encapsulated in glass.

LED post lights are very resistant, and they can withstand temperature fluctuations, shocks, vibrations, and more. Consequently, they’ll last a long time before you have to change them.

You’ll Get Fewer Insects

Halogen bulbs emit a lot of UV light, which attracts insects. It’s different from LED landscape lighting because the latter is more efficient.

Since LEDs don’t produce as much UV light, you’ll have a more pleasant outdoor experience because you won’t have to worry about swatting mosquitoes away while you’re outside. You can just enjoy your time!

Beautiful Finish

There are many different options when it comes to light finishes if you’re getting LEDs, which makes the process very enjoyable. Just imagine the beautiful glow of pathway lights as you walk up your driveway.

You could get copper, brass, aluminum, and bronze lighting fixtures. Therefore, you can pick the one that fits the style of your property’s architectural features.

At the same time, since the finishes are made of different materials, they’ll probably last much longer than traditional options. They always look great around a garden bed without any need for any power supply.

Should You Change the Lighting in Your Decks and Pathways?

Your decks and walkways are an essential part of your outdoor surroundings, so you must make sure you’re happy with them.

If you’re working with a top-notch company such as George Kroker Landscaping, for instance, you’ll get different options regarding your deck or fencing installation for either commercial or residential landscaping lighting design.

However, you might be unsure of whether or not you want to change your outdoor lights or just add a few lighted water features to give your property a different look. You may be already worrying about how much the landscaping lighting services will cost, so you might wonder if it’s worth it.

Pathway Landscape Lighting

We can work within your budget and suggest different LED technology, color temperature, and the types of lights to enhance your landscape features.

In the end, the decision is up to you. Some people hire George Kroeker Landscaping for deck and fencing installation with lights, while others only want to explore the residential landscaping services the company offers.

Regardless of the option you choose, the truth is that a LED lighting plan offers many benefits compared to traditional options. The company experts will assess your situation, suggest the best type of lighting, and provide you with the help you need to make an informed choice on LED landscape lights.

Whether you’re looking for experts to help you with commercial landscaping or professionals who can take care of your residential landscape design, path lighting, solar lighting, and deck lights, the team at George Kroker Landscaping is here to help you.

You can save money with these low-voltage lights and get the results you’ve always wanted if you work with our company.

Call Us to Start your LED Landscape Lights

These LED options are more efficient than traditional options that require a power supply. They also last longer, are cheaper, and have great lighting coverage.

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If you’re thinking about changing your outdoor lighting, you might need to invest some money in outdoor landscape lighting, but remember that it’ll probably be better in the long run in terms of energy costs. To get expert help, call George Kroker Landscaping.

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