Landscape Construction Services in Windsor Ontario

Landscape Construction Services Windsor Ontario

Finding the right landscaping company can be the difference between having outdoor areas that boost the look and feel of the property or having the site look unattended to. Things can get even worse as the winter sets in. Here are some tips for finding the best landscape construction services in Windsor, Ontario.

Finding Contractors with Good Landscaping Design Ideas

A landscape design plan is essential to create an outdoor area that homeowners enjoy. It’s not just about picking out the type of grass that can flourish on the property. Or the right type of flowers to add a touch of color to your garden. You’ll often want to create a functional outdoor living area for family and guests.

Everyone will start their planning with the limited backyard space they have available. Ideally, in the creative process, the homeowner and the landscaping contractors can discuss what they want to turn the existing area into with professional landscape construction services. Some innovative ideas popular amongst people in Windsor include adding a large outdoor patio with a fireplace or other hardscaping elements.

Others may take things further and add an enclosed dining hall-like structure to host different events. The weather in Windsor may be less friendly for people who love hosting outdoor events. That’s why building an enclosed patio structure could make much sense.

Different creative designs could be part of residential landscaping; the previous example is just one idea. Other key elements to these custom designs, such as trees and plants, can potentially complement the hardscapes that may be the project’s focal point.

Using Hardscaping In Key Parts of the Property

Different hardscape services can be incorporated in many outdoor areas. This also includes landscape construction services, which can add real depth to your hardscape elements. In a climate like the one that we have in Windsor, Ontario, it can be a good idea to limit the lawn size you’re going to have to take care of.

Hardscapes provide a great solution to cover large parts of the property with an element that will require less maintenance. The great thing about landscape construction services is that they can feature imaginative hardscape ideas. Using paving stones to create extensive walkways through a garden, for example, is a popular design option that clients of George Kroeker Landscaping ask about often.

It may not be a large outdoor structure that will fit the home perfectly. Some people like the idea of having a large, flat outdoor patio with a heated jacuzzi that they could use in the colder months of the year. The sky is the limit with the right landscaping contractors in charge of an outdoor construction project.

When Is the Best Time of the Year for Landscape Installation?

Many people will not be too excited to tear up their perfectly green lawn in the middle of the spring. Even if this will be the first step towards completing the dream landscape plan they had drawn out. With this in mind, it may be ideal to call the landscape contractors as soon as the season changes from summer to fall.

Just before the weather gets too cold, it may be easier to install hardscapes without tearing apart perfect grass. Something that could be challenging during that time of year to plant trees and plants that may be part of the design as well. Then, the best time of year to start executing a landscape design plan could vary depending on what each person wants to include in that plan.

Regular Maintenance Needs

Working with a professional landscape contractor like George Kroeker, who can provide regular maintenance services, will always be a major advantage. It will be easier to handle the upkeep of gardens over time when the company that is providing the maintenance is the same one that designed the area in the first place. What can make the process even easier is picking the right trees and plants that will be fine with the changing weather.

It’s essential to pick out the right type of plants for the gardens, even if the hardscapes on the property limit the amount of grass that will be part of the design. Evergreen trees and plants are also common elements that are used in Windsor homes. The reason why these are commonly used is pretty obvious: they’ll require less maintenance, particularly during the winter.

Looking for Landscaping Construction Services in Windsor?

Whether you’re tackling a residential landscaping or commercial landscaping project, working with a full-service landscaping company is always preferable. That way, the same dedicated team will be a part of the initial construction and regular maintenance needs the property will require. With the right contractor, even a smaller outdoor living space can be turned into an outdoor oasis.

Free Landscape Estimates Leamington and Essex County Ontario.

The folks at George Kroeker Landscaping will be able to help clients throughout the entire landscape construction process. They will also be there to provide any lawn maintenance needs in the long term. Give us a call to get your Free Estimate.

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